Creative Concept about Fridge


More than 50% of food waste takes place in our homes


It’s easy for many people to dismiss food waste as someone else’s problem (“I don’t waste any food”) or to focus solely on the more visibly shocking examples of waste (unharvested fields of produce plowed back into the earth, supermarket skip waste).

However, the reality is that more than 50% of food waste takes place in our homes. In contrast, less than 2% of food waste takes place at the retail store level (though supermarket practices are directly responsible for much food waste elsewhere in the supply chain.


To understand the problem scope, we created an online survey that got 56 respondents. We found that all reasons that lead to the waste could be categorized into three aspects: over-purchasing, expiration and leftovers. Over 78% wastes take place due to expiration, so we decided to focus on solving this aspect.

first analysis-26.png

What cause expired food waste during preservation?

After defining our project scope, we created a character model and presented users' pain points while preserving food.


So, what can we do?

With a clear idea of the three main reasons that lead to food wastes, we conclude four users' needs that will help us design further.


We had two solutions: the mobile application and the smart fridge. After comparing and analyzing their pros and cons,we choose the smart fridge as our final solution. The first reason is that it is more efficient to reduce wastes from their source due to the close relation between fridge and food. The second one is that every family member use the fridge, so it's an excellent chance to increase more people's awareness of reducing wastes.


With clear design direction, we aim to help users reduce food wastes in the home and make full use of all materials they have through several key features below.

  1. What’s in the fridge & Track expiration date

Users can immediately obtain the primary information, like what's in the fridge and expiration, when users watch the display on the fridge, which reminds them some food will expire and reduce energy loss due to opening the fridge door.

food tracker-54.png

2. Explore recipes based on the material you have

Only three steps users can be a super chef because they can easily find the recipe according to their own material.


STEP1 Select the material from your fridge

Users can select what they like from different categories we offered and identify the freshness of their food based on the color code.


STEP2 Choose your favorite recipe

After selecting the raw material, the smart fridge can find out various recipes. And users can filter their favorite one by choosing "Time", "Calorie" or "difficulty level".


STEP3 Read the recipe and start cooking

To know how to cook, users can not only read the recipe but also watch the video. Besides, to give users a seamless experience, we design the button-- "buy now" to help users replenish ingredients directly.


3. Prevent repeated purchase

Interviewees told us they usually purchased something they already had, which cause the food was too much to eat. So, we design the notification to reduce the rate of such situation.